Listen to all of Josh’s songs on Spotify! Josh all day everydaaay.


Listen to all of Josh’s songs on Spotify! Josh all day everydaaay.

Just A Man

#JoshGroban is one of those rare people, that comes in each generation. A gentle spirit, a heart as deep as the ocean, a mind that is forever searching and inquisitive, but open. A wonderful humor and wit. A beautiful soul, that gives generously of himself to others. We are so blessed to join him on his amazing journey.


Groban’s SOCKS made their debut on Rising Star last night…



that one celebrity crush that is both the cutest person you have ever seen but also the sexiest motherfucker on the planet

So F’N true!

Josh Groban as host on premiere of new show Rising Star on ABC 6/22/14.

My beautiful grandsons at the beach in DE. It’s 73F there today! Brrrrr these are South Florida born & raised kids! Brave souls. Lol

Rising Star photoshoot at Billboard.

Josh Groban, Brad Paisley, Kesha, and Ludacris on Rising Star

Josh Groban Spotted at the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show in Hollywood

TimesTalks Luminato - Rufus Wainwright, Josh Groban, and Stephen Oremus

Times Talks with Josh Groban, Rufus Wainwright & Stephen Oremus on Luminato - Gentlemen a Prefer Broadway!

Private concert Silver Spirit cruise ship - Sardinia, Italy 6/8/14 - Edwin Cervantes

Josh Groban - Le Cose Che Sei Per Me [Lyrics]


"Hush now baby don’t you cry
Rest your wings my butterfly
Peace will come to you in time
And I will sing this lullaby

No though I must leave, my child
But I would stay here by your side
And if you wake before I’m gone
Remember this sweet lullaby

And all love through darkness
Don’t you ever stop believing
With love forlorn
With love you’ll find your way
My love

The world has turned the day to dark
I leave this night with heavy heart
When I return to dry your eyes
I will send this lullaby

Yes I will send this lullaby”

*Song ends at 2:32. Not sure why there’s a minute of silence.*


So simple. Heartfelt. Timeless.



Indeed… Plaid